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TruthRageY reviews Project Powder (PC)

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TruthRageY said...

It's a game with cool graphics [and effects]. It isn't cared for anymore, it seems.
There once was another game like this called 'Snowbound'. It was the same game except for some modifications and for more care. But it wasn't legal I guess so it had to be closed down. Each of the two games had its mistakes. If you'd fusioned both of them you'd have had the perfect game.
There's a tree with many tricks you can learn. If you mastered one you can unlock more tricks. They get more difficult in form of you having to handle to press many different keys to perform the trick particular times on a particular route in a particular time. By mastering advanced tricks you also gain different boosts like a higher percentage of money etc.
You can play alone,with other players in two different teams or in an 'everyone-vs-everyone' mode.
I didn't play it for a while now but there are..kind of shards which you can win in races. You can make gems out of them and equip them on your clothes and on your snowboard to gain more speed, more height in jumping etc.
And there are three different modes you can play in:
1) You collect something like coins to win.
2) You have to do a lot of tricks to gain points to win.
3) You gotta be the first one to finish the course.
Also there are enough different beautiful maps you can play on.
Yeah..that's what I can remember.
If you get to know another cool free snowboarding game, please let me know!

Game Traits applied to Project Powder (PC) by TruthRageY

  • The Setting:
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
    Other players
  • How it's Played:
    Good graphics, Snowboarding, MMO, tricks
  • General Tone:
Project Powder

Project Powder (PC)

Genre/Style: Sports/Snowboarding
Release Date: 11/MAY/09
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